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Embassy of Finland in the United Arab Emirates

Objectives of the Embassy of Finland in the UAE, Qatar and Bahrain

The Embassy of Finland in Abu Dhabi has been a regional Embassy since 2003. In addition to the United Arab Emirates, the Embassy also covers Qatar and Bahrain. What is said here below about our objectives in the UAE is valid with Qatar and Bahrain as well.

The main objective of the Embassy of Finland in the UAE, Qatar and Bahrain is to strengthen trade and economic relations. This includes promotion of Finnish exports and Finnish companies. The Embassy also promotes awareness of Finland as one of the most advanced countries in the development of information society, and a forerunner in the fields of innovation as well as information and communication technology. On the other hand, our tasks include making the UAE, Qatar and Bahrain better known among Finnish companies as a dynamic market gateway and a reliable trading partner.

The Embassy strengthens the image and awareness of Finland by transmitting a flow of news information and encouraging cultural co-operation. The responsibilities of the Embassy also include defending the interests and rights of Finnish citizens in the UAE, Qatar and Bahrain, following the social development of the three countries, and handling visa formalities.

Promoting Finnish Companies

The Embassy is proactive towards Finnish companies in promoting the export of Finnish products and Finnish companies. There is an informal Finnish Business Council in the UAE, that can be contacted through Other partners include authorities, commercial and industrial associations, universities, research institutes, Finpro, Finnfacts, the Finnish Tourism Board, etc.

Awareness about Finland

Both maintaining a relevant up-to-date news flow from Finland and cultural co-operation play an important role in the work of the Embassy. Increased awareness about Finland supports trade promotion and economic relations. The Embassy also upholds the image of Finland as a country of high quality classical and popular music performances. Exhibitions and cultural exchange is of great importance to the Embassy´s work.

Interests and Rights of Finnish Citizens

The UAE, Qatar and Bahrain are relatively safe places to live in. There is zero tolerance for law offences. The Embassy strongly advises to respect the local laws, regulations, and traditions.

Finns that are moving to the country are recommended to register with the Embassy. The registration is voluntary. Every Finn is responsible for him- or herself. For exceptional circumstances the Embassy has a crisis management plan.

Today about 50 Finnish companies are operating in the UAE and over 1000 Finns live in the country. During the winter season more than 10 000 Finns visit the UAE.

Please note that the Embassy does not act as a workforce agency.

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